About Us

"We are part of the cutting edge re-discovery of how hemp can improve the quality of life for everyone who adds it to their health regimen!"

Karri Gulbransen

Founder/CEO of Blissful Herb


Blissful Herb was created three years ago, after spending much of the previous year working closely with the doctor of one of our residents with advanced late stage Alzheimer's.


Despite the highest quality of care we offer at our care home and the many different medications her doctor prescribed throughout that time, our resident's quality of life remained vastly diminished and she was miserable.


It was heartbreaking for us, as what had drawn us to opening our home was our passion to create a peaceful family space that provided the love and care to support the optimal quality of life for each resident we serve.

One day our resident’s daughter asked if we might explore the natural alternative-hemp for her. We were skeptical, but from the moment we agree for someone to move into our home and join our family we become their advocate and in doing so we will leave no stone un-turned in our quest to assist them to optimal health and well being. And so began our journey of discovery!


We want nothing more than to support the comfort, independence and happiness of our residents. So we agreed to do some research... 

We wanted to ensure that we could find a way of dispensing the hemp with exact measure and to make sure that it could be stored safely in our home. So we visited with a local dispensary and spoke to the owners, explaining the situation and asking if they would be willing to help us create a protocol for our resident.

​In just a few months we had created a protocol that was having a noticeably, positive impact for our resident.

Our resident was a major fall risk upon arrival-Now her mobility is greatly improved!

However, there was a downside. It was costing the family over $400 per month! Meeting again with the dispensary owners we asked if they could point us in the right direction to study & start making the products that were helping our resident and hopefully lower the expense for the family.

The owners agreed and pointed us in a direction that has absolutely changed our lives and the lives of everyone we serve!  

Witnessing the remarkable effects of hemp supplementation eventually led to us creating our own line of affordable hemp products.


Our mission is to providing the highest quality hemp products, at affordable pricing.


A portion of every product sold goes towards our sliding scale/gifting program for those who can’t afford it. More information on that soon!

We are part of the cutting edge re-discovery of how hemp can improve the quality of life for everyone who adds it to their health regimen.

We are no longer surprised by the wide range of relief that people are experiencing, just thrilled to add their acknowledgements to our research, so that we can further help those seeking a natural alternative to optimal well-being!

We are truly walking in our passion to improve the quality of life on this planet!




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